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family Photography

With family photos up on the walls, you'll have an ever-present reminder of what really matters in life. These treasured family heirlooms have meaning and value that go far beyond the ink and materials they're made from. 

I’m a work-at-home-dad of a 14 month old so I know what it's like to sleep for a total of six minutes, then in the pitch dark have to decipher a onesie with weird buttons that don't make sense while the baby is doing an extra-hyped interpretation of The Robot and actively peeing. My days are full of Raffi, diapers, silly dancing, screaming internally, complete awe, and learning to do everything using only one arm. 

Running a business while solo parenting M-F and helping operate a farm has me very much in touch with the struggles of pandemic parenting, working from home, and spending days scrambling around only to finish the day feeling inadequate. 

You deserve to have pieces of art that feature what you love most in the world. 

Being a parent is like playing the game of life on "Hard Mode". It's more challenging, more fun, more frustrating, more joyful...it's just more. I firmly believe every parent deserves an annual parade in their honor, or at least a nice trophy. But since that will never happen, you deserve to have gorgeous images throughout your home that can remind you of why it's all worth it. 

Just fill out a contact form and set up a discovery call. During the call I can describe the process and pricing in detail, get a sense of what your needs and preferences are, and if it looks like I’m a good fit for you we can schedule a pre shoot consultation and you can put down a session fee to lock in your date.

Step One.

I learn your family's unique story

We’ll meet either virtually or in person for a pre shoot consultation. During this meeting we can go more in depth to help you feel fully prepared for your session, create a vision together for what your images will look like, and explore how to bring your photos to life in a way that compliments your style. You can see and touch samples of different products, go over pricing in detail, and using special software you can see what different sized pieces would look like on your walls. You’ll leave with a product brochure as well as a “what to wear” guide, and I’m always available to answer questions that come up. We’ll also finalize your session’s date/time/location and schedule your ordering appointment. 

Step Two.

You'll get all questions answered, and your mind put at ease. 

Time for your photo session! Before we get started you’ll be given a comfort kit with water, snacks, bug spray, sun screen, and anything else you might need. Before we start shooting I’ll get to know everyone a little bit, and play around with the kids if they’re up for it. If your session is on the farm we can go feed the animals, play on the tractors, run around the fields, and explore the woods, but what we do will be entirely based on you and your kids’ preferences/mood. Along the way we’ll stop at good spots for portraits, where I’ll use studio flashes to create perfect lighting regardless of the weather or time of day, but we’ll also keep it full of laughs with lots of silly dancing and games. 

Step Three.

you'll have an incredibly fun time, and have it all documented

About two weeks later I will have selected the best photos from your session and made basic editing adjustments to your images, and we’ll meet for your ordering session. This can be done virtually, in your home, or at my home studio, totally up to you. I’ll play a slideshow of your photos, we’ll go through your favorites one by one, and find the perfect images to match the products you love. If you love lots of, or all of the images we can explore things like a gallery wall, album, or portrait box. We can also take care of gifts like mini canvases or acrylic blocks so you can give something meaningful to your loved ones 
 so that these heirlooms will be passed down through future generations.

Step Four.

i'll help you bring your images to life. 



Creative Fee is $240, packages start at $1490

I’m one of only a few photographers in this area that uses studio lighting equipment outdoors, which helps create images that are unique and perfectly lit while maintaining a natural look. 

If you do your shoot on our private farm you’ll enjoy a beautiful landscape that not only provides a gorgeous backdrop for your photos, you and your kids can feed the alpacas, sit on the tractors, and chase butterflies through open fields. It’s the perfect setting for actually creating memories worth capturing! That being said, I also love doing shoots at clients’ homes or other places that are special to them—it's totally up to you.

I have years of experience with kids of all ages, and am a wizard at turning meltdowns into miracles. I make sure to treat every child as an individual, to get to know them before I start snapping away, and will always prioritize their happiness above trying to coerce them into anything. I also have no shame when it comes to how silly I can be when it’s necessary. 

Family Sessions

- Rebecca p.

"It felt more like a friendly visit than a photography session, which put us at ease and made the final product appear very natural. He was patient and gentle with our young daughter and flexible with our busy schedule. Corey exceeded even our highest expectations."

patrick m.

"When you get back Corey's work, it feels like each moment has been loved by an artist, and that the artist is dedicated to making your loved ones look as amazing as they do in your mind's eye. You owe it to yourself to let Corey into your life through his fabulous work. It's worth it.” 

Lindsay C.

"Corey is professional, knowledgeable and fun! The farm provided an amazing back drop for our photos. There were so many different spots to choose from, the kids loved every minute! The photos came out so nice and we look forward to having them hung up in our home. Great experience all around!”



A service experience where there is no hassle, research, pressure, or difficult decisions to make, and you receive expert guidance from start to finish. 

Luxurious family heirlooms made with images that show your family's spirit shining through in each piece, and that feel truly precious and meaningful. 

A photography experience that's actually enjoyable for everyone, where you can create joyful memories and have them beautifully captured. 

Imagine this...