You kick ass at what you do, you're a good hearted person, and peoples' lives are better because you were a part of them. Unfortunately, this isn't universally known, and it's something that even you tend to doubt and forget. 
But it's true, you're a marvelous specimen of humanity, and with one of Boston's best headshot photographers, now you can

You Are Magnificent.

let the world know.

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As business and communication becomes increasingly digital, first impressions more frequently come in the form of a still image. And, like it or not, that image will go into peoples' eyeballs, then their brain, and within a tenth of a second an opinion will have materialized. 

With a headshot that exudes professionalism, class, and personality, that first impression will be a good one. With a headshot that was taken at your friend's wedding with a Nokia flip phone 19 years ago, that first impression will be...not a good one. 

You were born to do great things. 

don't let a mediocre headshot slow you down.

Bring out your inner rock star. 

It's a vicious cycle, because the discomfort around having your picture taken comes through in the photos themselves. So eventually you stop trying and just stick with your office headshot from 1987, shoulder pads and all. But what if that cycle could be broken? 

If you hate having your picture taken, you're in the right place.

For most people, the thought of getting headshots taken is about as comfortable as damp, sandy bed sheets. And that's because most people don't have a single photo of themselves that they absolutely love. 


As a small business owner, I know how frustrating it can be to build an online brand, learn how to market, and now the algorithm won’t show you if you don’t make Reels, and you need to have a Tik Tok. And don’t forget to do a Flim Flam every Tuesday at 11.

Whether you're looking in the Boston Area for headshots or a full branding session, you're here because you need professional images to help you build a digital presence. You deserve images that you're eager to show off because they truly represent YOU and your goals.

Break the "I Need A Headshot but I'm not Photogenic" Cycle 

with a Boston headshot photographer that gets it.

Just fill out a contact form and within 24 hours I'll be in touch to learn more about you, your goals, and your needs. 

Step One.

I'll learn exactly what you need. 

We'll have a virtual or in person pre-shoot consultation to collaborate on a vision for the images, make a shot list, get all of your questions answered, and set a date and location for the shoot. 

Step Two.

We'll create a vision for you together

During your session we'll use the lighting, backgrounds, and poses that will tell their story and make you look your best. You will receive expert guidance delivered in a laid-back manner that will put you at ease and boost your confidence. We'll review your images as we go and make adjustments as needed.  You'll leave in disbelief that you got your picture taken and it not only didn't kill you, it was kind of fun. 

Step Three.

You'll have a relaxed, surprisingly enjoyable session.

You'll have the option to choose your images immediately after your session, or I can email a proof gallery to you within 48 hours. If you're having trouble deciding between images I'm more than happy to hop on a Zoom call to help you narrow it down. Once you've made your selections, I'll have them retouched and delivered to you within 1-2 weeks. 

Step Four.

you'll pick your favorites and receive perfectly retouched images, fast.



Images that you feel confident about and excited to put in front of people because they truly represent who you are and what you do.

A photography experience that is stress-free and leaves you feeling relaxed so that your images show you at your best. 

A service experience that is customized to fit your needs, schedule, and preferences.

Imagine this...

- Renee S. 

He made me feel at ease right away and spend a great deal of time setting up the background and taking pictures. He also spent a lot of time getting to know me and understanding my wishes for the pictures. Corey is genuinely a nice person and did not try to sell to me in any way. I highly recommend working with Corey!"

"Corey was truly wonderful
to work with! 

- Sarah l. 

Corey was kind, supportive, and super quick to make everything happen on a short time schedule."

"I'm really happy with the headshot!

- Rebecca p.

which put us at ease and made the final product appear very natural. He was patient  and flexible with our busy schedule. Corey exceeded even our highest expectations."

"It felt more like a friendly visit than a photography session...

- Julia S.

I was super nervous and not sure what to expect, and he made me feel very comfortable! He guided me with poses, cracked some jokes, and just overall made me feel at ease. The pictures I got back are very authentic to me, which I think, is a reflection of Corey's work & atmosphere! I will definitely be recommending him to my work colleagues and friends!"

"I had a really great time getting my headshots done with Corey!